Arkansas Snow Goose Hunts


 JAN 29-FEB 2  
February 4 – April 15

Bayou Bottoms offers Arkansas snow goose hunts and is located in one of the hearts of the Mississippi flyway for migrating spring snow geese.  We hunt over LARGE decoy spreads in heated pits to not only ensure comfort and safety, but we’re hidden to the geese for cleaner harvests.  Each day in the spring is different, so we can’t guarantee what mother nature brings, but we always provide the opportunities to have a great time.

If you’re never been snow goose hunting in the spring before, you’re in for a real treat.  When the migration is on, you can literally see the sky FULL of birds as they make their way north to the breeding grounds.  We setup our spread in an attempt to pull these flocks down to loaf and feed, depending on the time of day.  When everything comes together, you can have crazy in-your-face action.

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Book An Arkansas Snow Goose Hunt
Bayou Bottoms Hunting Club is  located in between the Bayou De View and Cache Rivers in northeastern AR.  This is a prime location for hundreds of thousands of wintering snow geese each year. Hunts take  place in a dry field over 1500-2000 decoys on each pit.  Pits are 20 ft.  long and spacious and can hunt 6 people safely.  There is a minimum of 3 people per party and a max # of 5 hunters per pit.  Each pit is supplied  with its own electronic caller.  There’s no hunting license required, no bag limit on geese, and no plugs in your gun. However, a free snow    goose hunting permit number is required and can be obtained by calling 800-364-GAME. All Arkansas snow goose hunts end at 12:00 pm or upon guides’ discretion. It’s an awesome spectacle to be seen by everyone at least once. We decoy geese, we don’t jump shoot them! For more info on booking an Arkansas snow goose hunt see our Policies page, or
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